Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weird happenings in TX and some stitching too!

I am still a little bent out of shape over what happened a last weekend.  Maybe if I post it to the world it will get out of my head like some bad song you can't seem to stop singing.  Anyway, it was rainy here but we were out of groceries, so off to the local store I go with DD in tow to supposedly help me.  What teenager is ever helpful?  but that isn't the point of the story.  I have a long list in hand, plus my favorite umbrella because I know we will have another downpour just as I open my trunk to load things up.

So we happily finish perusing the produce and baked goods and are about 1/3 of the way done with shopping.  In goes the biggest turkey breast they have for dinner that day - YUM!  Sweet potatoes to go with it - YUM!.  DD wanders away at this point since she is vegetarian the meat aisle grosses her out.  See - Helpful!  So I stop by the chicken breast that are on sale and pick up a few packages.  Turn back around and my half full cart of groceries is gone!  GONE!!!  Who takes someone else's buggy that is half full of groceries? I even moved it to the opporsite side of the aisle against a display case so it was out of the way. I start wandering down the aisles and can not find anyone with my cart.  Boy are they lucky.  So I go up to customer service to have a look see and no cart there.  So now I have to start my shopping all over again and am out my grocery list and my umbrella.  UGH!  Let me just say the person who took my buggy is lucky because I would have let loose a little Jersey justice on them for being so inconsiderate!

Oh well - said daughter is no longer my shopping buddy since she abandoned my buggy in my time of need.

Well, despite the trials and tribulations at the grocery store, I have managed to stitch a little in the past few days.  I signed up for a class from Amy Mitten.  You can see the project here.  There were three different options and I chose the Vierlande style.  I have never stitched a motif sampler and am enjoying the project so far.  I am such a slow stitcher but that is ok, I am looking forward to learning some new techniques that will be included in the finishing.  The braided edge and pinballs are things I have never done and will be a new skill.  Here is a snap of my progress so far

I am about half way done with the largest piece, so good progress for me.  One of my goals this year was to take a class and I am doing pretty well with my goals.  Margaret has her whole Quaker Winder stitched and it is really wonderful.  Go take a look at her wonderful work.

I enjoy the stitching but not finishing so much.  I decided that I should enjoy some of my pieces and have hired someone to finish some of my favorite ornaments.  Over the years I have stitched 7 of the 8 Sheperds Bush Christmas ornaments that appear in the JCS Ornament issue.  Here is what they looked like before being sent away.

I will let you know how they turn out.  I am so excited to have something finished and I am sure they will be fabulous.  Well, it is lunch time here and I really need to hit up the corner Starbucks so I can last the rest of the day and get the kids to games after work.  Hope you have a wonderful stitching day!



  1. Ok, that's just plain weird. Why would someone take your cart??? Geez! It's also a bit spooky. I don't know. I can't imagine! Sorry that happened. :( I can shop without my list, I know that much.

    Love your Vierlande so far! It's so pretty! And the SB ornies -- pretty also! I hear you on the finishing. I just sent some of my things off to be finished too. lol!

  2. Well done on all the SB ornaments. I'd the grand plan of stitching them each year as they were published and failed miserably. I've four completed and really should get the others stitched. Love your Amy Mitten piece!

    As for that incident in the grocery store?!?!? That's weird!!!

  3. What a great bunch of ornaments, Kerri :) I'm sure your finisher will do them justice--can't wait to see them all finished up :)

  4. Looking forward to seeing your ornaments made up. Have to ask... What is the box of shame?

    Unbelievable about your cart of groceries. I agree with you... Who does that?!

  5. That is so funny because one of my dreams last night that some one took our cart at the grocery store, as I was reading your blog it came to my mind, so weird!
    Your ornaments are beautiful cant wait to see them finished. have a good day

  6. Well sounds like someone liked all the food stuff in your cart so much that they took it!! How rude of them!! LOL!! Okay hope you can laugh now but at the time I'm sure it wasn't fun. Lovely collection of ornaments you stitched. Every one of them is gorgeous!!
    I too want to stitch these from the JCS issues. So beautiful. Congrats on your progress on Quaker - another beauty. Can't wait to see how your ornaments are completed. love Annette

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