Friday, June 10, 2011

The WHY of it all

What am I doing here?  Not  in the philosophical, meaning of life sort of question.  I mean what am I doing starting to blog about attempts to amuse myself with needle and thread. Aren't there enough blogs about samplers and cross stitching already?

 My life is pretty full with 2 active kids, 2 big dogs - one with a ball obsession, a full time stressful job and a house to keep clean.  I am not even some type of advanced stitcher with oodles of tips to share or a turbo stitcher with loads of finishes to show off.  I love to stitch and really want to share what I am working on with someone.  When I talk threads or samplers with my family they look at me like I am speaking Swedish to them. But just maybe, someone will stumble  upon my little piece of the internet and get a smile or a laugh from what goes on here.

Here are simple thoughts what I hope to accomplish here and how you my friends can play along.
  • I have read so many wonderful stitching blogs and that I feel kind of guilty for not giving back in some way for all the enjoyment I get from hearing your adventures and seeing all the beautiful finishes.  I am definitely an enabler!
  • With a busy life, I don't get much done on the stitching front - hence the "meager stitches" name.  But I hope that by posting photos of what I am working on you can keep me motivated to finish some and not just start them all.
  • I could use some stitching buddies.  Since moving to TX I haven't found a group of local stitchers to hang out with.  So guess what - I am hoping you will say Hi once in a while and keep me company. 

If you come back, I will regale you with my recent attack by a bag of goldfish crackers and some photos of my WIP.

I am going to get some coffee - see y'all soon!

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  1. Hey there! I tracked you back from your comment you left on my blog- thanks for visiting.
    Welcome to blogger-land! Your life sounds even more hectic than my own, if that's possible!