Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vacation projects?

I was in my lns this past weekend to purchase some fabric for vacation projects.  The girls in the shop looked at me strange  when I said vacation projects.  Doesn't everyone kit up projects just to take on vacation?

Well - maybe I am the weird one!  I look forward to some having a new project and some extended stitching time almost as much as vacation.  I am going to see my brother in Pennsylvania  at the end of the month and want something fun to work on while traveling.  I am flying alone and can't wait for 3 hours of mostly uninterrupted stitching!!!    I know I am odd but, I thought everyone did this?  I have different types of projects depending on where I will be doing them - like I usually only stitch on ornaments or smalls during sports season because I can do them in hand.  I have a sampler with the fill in to do that I take to stitch-ins because I don't have to pay attention to it and can talk while still getting some stitching done. 

My vacation projects are usually larger count fabric  with not a lot of color changes and not too huge.  Here is what I am taking this year.

I may not be able to wait until next Friday the colors are so great.  I converted the called for colors to Vikki Clayton Hand Dyed silk.

I hope this photo comes out since I took it with my phone.  I am researching a small camera to buy since it appears I am the only member of the family without a camera.  I would borrow my dh or dd or ds's camera but then I have to learn how to use it and connect it to the pc, blah, blah, blah.  I am looking for one of these cool new ones that upload directly to the web.  Will keep you posted on what I decide.  If you have one you like, please leave me a comment about the model.  I would love to hear what anyone else uses.

I am going to get some coffee - see y'all soon!


  1. Where are you going on vacation?? Back to the lake house?

    Your projects look great- now show us some WIPs
    WIPs, WIPs, we want to see WIPs!!!

    You are off to a fabulous start. I am so happy you took the plunge.

  2. Really late comment I know - saw you comment on Spinster Stitcher came by to visit. I kit projects for vacation and like you have certain types of projects for what is going on in life. Really smalls for my bag when I am going somewhere with the kids; another one always stashed in each of our vehicles in case I get stuck somewhere.

    Hope you had a great vacation.