Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year - New Stitching Goals

I have had the best intentions of making some posts while off over the holidays but it seems the planets were aligned against me.  First the battery in the camera was dead and I couldn't find the charger.  So DH went to the store and bought me a new one but I had taken the battery out of the camera and now couldn't find it! ARGH! By that time it was almost Christmas and  with the awful cold I have been battling all of December I was way behind in getting all my Elf chores done - you know baking, wrapping, decorating, shopping.  Then my dear brother and his wife came for a visit.  It was wonderful having family visit but not really helpful in getting time to work on the computer.  So last night I finally got all the camera pieces in order, took pictures to share and what happens - the computer monitor won't turn on.  What now?  I have no idea what is going on but DH promised to try and fix it while I am at work today.  I am writing this during lunch so SHHH - don't squeal on me.

I have done some serious thinking about my stitching affliction.  How can I have stitched for so long and have so little accomplished?  Maybe I am just feeling like the under achiever after surfing through so many blogs with all these wonderful finishes.  But with a new year stretching before me it is time to teach this old dog some new tricks and be optomistic (or is that unrealistic?)  They will also go up in my sidebar (when I figure out how to do that!) so I will have them mocking me all year.  So here it goes:
  1. Start a new project on New Year's Day and finish it before the end of the year.
  2. Take a class to learn a new technique
  3. Work on larger projects that I can display in my home and enjoy seeing everyday  That means that they also must be framed/finished and not
  4. No stitching on new ornaments until half of those from the "Box of Shame" get ornamentified (that's from Daffycat - see her Dec 11 post  and I love it)
  5. Blog more (plus figure out how this darn blogger program works!)
  6. Improve my stitching photos

I am not very good at making or keeping resolutions but I heard a quote that "A goal is a dream with a deadline". (Napolean Hill) I like that!

If DH can fix my pc issues I will work on the year end update I wanted to post.  If not - because of goal number 5 I will post again soon.

See y'all soon!


  1. I like your resolutions. I hope you enjoy working on them during the year. Blogger can be a challenge, but you get used to it. lol! As for the pics -- I'm still pretty bad at those. Glad my post helped you -- I think I approach every sampler differently. With this one for some reason I had the patience to finish the border first. That's not always the case.

  2. good luck with your goals! we have similar ones...but i stopped writing them down :) too easy to be disappointed that way!